Mayan Calendar Celebrations 2012 ®

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  • Las Celebraciones del Calendario Maya© son un llamado para todos los habitantes del planeta, en el cual buscamos festejar el fin de un ciclo de 5125 años marcados por la cuenta larga del calendario maya, dando el comienzo a una nueva época.

    Con motivo de unos de los fenómenos cósmicos mas importantes registrados por los mayas, en la era del hombre, México abre sus puertas al mundo para ser el anfitrión de este gran acontecimiento por ser una de las cunas de la civilización maya.

    La cuenta larga nos marca el fin de un ciclo y el comienzo de otro, no es el final del mundo si no un cambio, el comienzo de una nueva era.
  • Global Consciousness Change -

    Secretary General of the United Nations - Ban Ki-moon

    Why only act when the problem has already happened?
    Today, Mexico and the world is facing a social, environmental and humanitarian crisis caused by issues such as drug trafficking, inequality, ecology, famine and insecurity among others. Today we stand, raise our hands and we call on the world to say that more than 6,973,738,433 citizens worldwide, honest workers and peace promoters, want to make the Earth change its current course of action.

    Mexico has in its hands the opportunity to create an international event aimed to inspire a collective consciousness shift, making a universal reflection from 19 to 21 December 2012 in southeastern Mexico. In this event, will be announced clear messages: Environmental, Social and Humanitarian; proactively making this date the Day of an International Shift in Consciousness.

    Synchronize the interests of humanity and create tangible proposals that will make world governments listen. We want this platform to become a legacy for the whole planet and every year we will come together to celebrate that humans can be part of creating a collective change of consciousness.

    To maintain the natural balance that allows us to live on this planet, we need a change, and that change starts within oneself. No matter the nationality, ethnicity or religion, this is a universal movement.
    Mexico and the world are ready to generate a proposed change...
    ¿are you?