• For Haiti
    3 Million Haitians are in need of aid and assistance.
    Haiti needs a lot of help, but we can all help a little.

  • created for a charity poster project, February 2010
  • Birth of a Solar System

    A collaboration with Alastair Temple
  • created for evokeone.com/v5 and their exhibition "Age", April 2010
  • Black Summer Rain

  • created for the SlashThree artbook: "Expressions - The art of SlashThree", January 2009
  • Devil's Sea
    A collaboration with Ed Lopez

  • created for the slashthree.com/v3 and their exhibition "Déjà Vu", July 2009
  • Rage of Silent Gods
  • personal project, created January 2010
  • More illustrations on my personal website: