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  • Mathias Tanguy is a personal finance adviser based in Paris. Mathias needed a greeting card design for the year 2013. The simplicity of the geometrical pattern I have created for his visual identity in 2012 allowed the creation of an elaborate and singular typographic style. I have meticulously rearranged the pattern angle to create the 2013 numerals.

    The greeting cards are manufactured with a duplexed uncoated smooth boards produced by . Frontside is stamped with a glossy yellow foil on a 350gsm paper substrate and the backside is stamped with a glossy black foil on a 350gsm paper substrate, making the finished slips a 700gsm board.

    identity is set up using typeface. Named after the river that runs through Florence, the center of the Italian Renaissance, draws on the warmth and readability of early humanist types of the 15th and 16th centuries. While inspired by the past, Arno is distinctly contemporary in both appearance and function. Designed by Robert Slimbach, principal designer, is a meticulously crafted face in the tradition of early Venetian and Aldine book types. Embodying themes that Slimbach has explored in typefaces such as and represents a distillation of his design ideals and a refinement of his craft.