Mastodon poster

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  • This is the final version of the poster after the reference photos, illustration, layout and printing.
    The mighty Mastodon! This 5-color print was a labor of love. I put a series of process photos on my Facebook account as I was working through the initial pencil drawing.
    2 tones of gold and 2 tones of silver make this thing a shiny beast (yeah, i just typed that). 18x24 and limited to a signed/numbered run of 180.
  • i started doing floral arrangements and things for reference photos a few years back because i figured i need to learn how to draw flowers and just googling reference photos seemed lame. then, i really enjoyed taking the time to put these different pieces together. 
  • unfortunately, i can't find any photos from the day i printed other than these final ones. i often forget to document while printing to show the different phases and how the layers start adding to each-other as you start layering them.
  • racked and ready to go at Crackhead Press
  • i later went back and released a letterpress version of the inks as an art print as well.