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The making of my entry in the 2005 Master and Servant CG society contest
This piece was my entry for the 2005`s CG Society Master and Servant Contest - I was the 5th Runner up in the 2D category and the final piece was published in the Ballistic`s Painter Book with an Honor Mention and was featured in the splash screen of Corel Painter X software, and is part of the CG Choice gallery since then. 
My first idea came from the very thight situation, almost a "master and slave" kind of relationship between an artist and his own work and creations, feeling chained to his ideas, deadlines, desires and vices (including and unhealthy life style). Pretty much I was toying with a meta-language situation here. 
I was very happy to participate among great artists like Bob Chiu, Goro Fujita, Matt Dixon and Kekai Kotaki 
PHOTOSHOP LOOSE SKETCH -The idea was settled
REFERENCE PRODUCTION - My friend, and also an Illustrator, Weberson Santiago was my model for several poses, including the main character and some supporting ones. 
FIRST CONCEPT FOR THE ARTIST - Pencils and pen over paper
LINE ART - PROGRESS - Pencils and Corel Painter
FLAT COLORS - Photoshop
RENDERING - PASS 01 - The head and face - Corel Painter
RENDERING - PASS 02 - The white t-shirt -Corel Painter
DETAILS - T-shirt and arms - Corel Painter
RENDERING - More passes on the figure and some objects
DETAILS - Corel Painter
DETAILS - RENDERING - Small Characters - Corel Painter and Photoshop
RENDERING - More passes on the objects and characters - Corel Painter and Photoshop
DETAILS - Setting up the Loop Idea and rendering the chains.
RENDERING - More passes on the elements, paint textures added to the drawing board - Corel Painter and Photoshop
RENDERING - More passes and new objects
DETAILS - New elements added
LINE ART -  The tiny creature added - Corel Painter and Photoshop
DETAILS - The Layer Structure in Photoshop
COMPOSITION - Lines of action and visual balance.
RENDERING - 95% finished - Corel Painter and Photoshop
Some Easter Eggs
FINAL - The finished piece plus some subtle color correction - Phostoshop
2005 - May - 
Photoshop CS  - Corel Painter 8.0 - Windows XP - Sony Vaio Notebook - Wacom Intuos 2 Medium