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Bad Company: A watch designed for the Spring 2012 Master Brigade Collection
This is one of two watches I designed to be part of the vintage military inspired Master Brigade Collection for Spring 2012. It was my first full season as a designer for Diesel and I learned a lot about designing within the parameters of cost and end value for the customer. It is a balance that we eventually reached through a series of redesigns and modifications.   In the end the watch looks better than the original construction, delivers a good value, a retains a unique aesthetic identity. 
 The bold graphic quality of the watch was inspired by vintage Russian military equipment and graphics. 
Ideation and the selected sketch
Illustrator art used to plan and communicate colorways to the factory.
Final Versions: Notice the difference in the first watch on the left  below (brown).  We had to redesign the construction of the swing arm hinge for the screw down crown,to make it more easily manufacturable and thus more cost effective, which was the perfect solution in the end because it also looks much better. 

The brown IP version was in the Master Brigade Collection and thus had to be sent to photography earlier, and the changes were made afterwards. 
Advertising shots.