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  • Mash&Co. 
    Mash&Co. is the teaser of a serie based on the story of one mushroom (Mash) and a funny snail (Periwinkle). Mash is finding out the solution of a problem happened to his village when he meets Periwinkle. The two will become friends and they will share great adventures discovering the values of family, friendship and the respect of nature.

    Directors: Vincenzo Merenda/Katrin Ann Orbeta
    Concept: Vincenzo Merenda/Katrin Ann Orbeta/Zoltan Fritz/Kristof Jurik
    Character and backrounds design: Vincenzo Merenda/Katrin Ann Orbeta
    Storyboard: Kristof Jurik
    Animatic: Zoltan Fritz
    Editing: Vincenzo Merenda/Katrin Ann Orbeta
    Music: Gergely Buttinger
    Producer: Crabtoon
    © Crabtoon 
  • Mash character design
  • Periwinkle character design
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