Mary Read – Volcano Type

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  • Mary Read
    Designed by Melle Diete
  • Mary Read is an OpenType font family designed by Melle Diete,
    published by Volcano Type, the font label of MAGMA Brand Design.

    Mary Read is a modern handwritten typeface inspired by the wind and the sea.
    Harsh curves are combined with graceful swashes. Mary Read was published
    in 2008. After sailing on the big sea for several years, Mary Read has now found
    the way to Volcano Type.

    Melle Dietes typefaces are based on her natural illustrative handwriting.
    Drawing and illustration is the base for these wonderful and playful letterforms.

    Melle Diete got hooked on typedesign in 2004 and became a permanent member
    of Luc(as) de Groot’s Type Class at University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.

    For typographic variety Mary Read offers a range of features and extras:
    initial forms, final forms, swash letters, swashes and alternates.

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