• Martyrium

    What is beauty and where to find it? It was the job of my semester project, whose assignment was literally "Beauty". The search for beauty is complex because each of us has a different meaning this term. Object that would encompass all of this, I'm out, and I still thought it was impossible. I searched and watched their surroundings. Finally, I focused on the connection between two apparently looking opposites. And that beauty and pain.
     I sat on the train and read a story by Franz Kafka - "In the Penal Colony", where the master device shows its disciplinary methods to torture prisoners visitor from another country. Prisoners are picking their sentences giant machine in the back pain until they die. His methods are very similar to today's tattoos or "scarfing" (which is picking ornaments scalpel to skin). Chief operating torture machine this way death like very much and it seems to him that there is nothing in the world more beautiful. Unlike the feelings of dismay bystander foreigners, which his popularity in the observation dying understand.
     Not only this story inspired me, then for my object. It is the connection of beauty and pain, impermanence, deformation, even old age and youth. The machine works on the pantograph, which is regulated, rather than just cribbed motif on its light distortion. Picture is not like what you think. In this imperfection may be the hidden beauty. Moreover, this strain expresses the constant changes and their beauty ideal. Beauty is fleeting, as evidence as well as the inherent aging. The second level is a pain that you can try on your own body (the machine is designed for attachment tattooed his hand). Decide whether we want to take this beauty despite the unpleasant pain.
     The machine also includes a set of tattoo motives with which your body or skin test can decorate. Themes such as "love," or "perfection" underscore my intention and also slightly longer based on Kafka's stories already mentioned.
     The machine consists of glossy and matte silver parts working very cleanly. Which also forms a contrast to its function. Sound, which when turned on, and subsequent control issues, as he gets under the skin.
     This whole mechanism I want to prove that beauty is relative, it may be just the moment of force, in which you tetum wonderful theme. Or how the theme changes over time, is not as perfect as it seemed. Pain through the body to accompany your decision. Joy changing to anger and maybe even hatred vytetovanému picture. Tattooing is essentially eternal and you will not change the decision, unfortunately, becomes part of you.