Martin Mars, the Mighty Water Bomber, illustration

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  • Martin Mars, Mighty Water Bomber
    Children's Book Illustration:  Aircraft, forest fire-fighting, nature
  • Challenging, complex, quick turn-around, quasi-technical / whimsical aircraft illustration for 64 page, full colour, full bleed, large format children's book (& airplane buff book).  Required concept presentation, story board, and production of twenty-nine full colour 26" x 14" illustrations in black Prismacolor pencil, watercolour & gouache. Research involved:   Visit to restored and refurbished, NASA approved, active service Martin Mars water bombers (air water tankers) at bomber base, Sproat Lake, British Columbia; access to books such as The Mighty Martin Mars by Wayne Coulson and Steve Ginter; on-line photos, and; scale models of major aircraft characters including a CF 130, Sikorsky S-76 B Helicopter and the Martin Mars itself.  Illustrations were worked up at half-scale in pencil for client approval and then enlarged and transferred to museum grade mat board for completion.  

    "As an illustrator, I enjoyed creating characters with distinct personalities for more than two dozen different aircraft types and support vehicles.  I specifically designed various perspectives and colour themes with attention to the flow within each page and flow from page to page.  It was a special delight to work on this project as I have always had a fascination with aircraft.  My first exposure to flying machines was as a child living on an emergency air base operated by the then BC Department of Transport in the heart of British Columbia's Caribou grassland plateau where my father was a radio operator.  All of the planes flying in BC at the time seemed to have landed there including the famous Grumman Goose."