• M A R T H A  M A R C Y  M A Y  M A R L E N E
    — I am a teacher and a leader.
  • Production: Watson/DG Los Angeles, USA.
    Work: Lead Art Director + Senior designer
    Client: Fox Searchlight

    Quick Info: Official site design created for Watson/DG.
    My Role: I did the original site design, the mosaic design/concept, coming up with an unique interactive navigation system based on the original client proposal. Visitors to the site are greeted with a portrait of our titular lead character, Martha, her two dimensional image superimposed onto fragmented pieces. This image takes the form of a moving, dynamic interface, one transforming with the user’s participation.

    Other Credits:
    Creative Director: Fernando Ramirez
    Producer: Tracy Robinson

    Website: www.iamateacherandaleader.com
    AwardsDaily Press Release

    "It’s an effective interactive metaphor for the journey of discovery the film itself will take. The official site does a fine job preparing us with clues to help unlock her disturbing mental breakdown and equally troubling reconstruction.
    — Awards Daily

    Awards & Publications:
    The Webby Awards Honorees 2012
    The FWA Award, Nov 22nd 2011
    Adobe - Site Of The Day October, 2011
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