Marry Me?

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  • Marry Me?
    This was a class assignment for our character design module.
    We were supposed to make a model of a pair of characters.
    Both the characters had to have some kind of contrast between them, hence, I made the groom chubby & bulky while the bride is sleek & thin. Also there is a color contrast out of their costumes.
    We were free to choose any materials/technique, hence, I did it with 'paper quilling'.
    While constructing it I realized that there would be a lot of hollow space, so I developed the concept & made a product out of it.

    Concept & Execution: Shashank Nimkar
    Models: Tushar Khanna, Yesha Rughani
    Photography: Pruthviraj Ranavade
    Styling: Shikha Valecha
  • -----------------------The Making Process ----------------------
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