• Montevideu
  • The Real Estate company Marope asked a few agencies to create two brands for two different luxury buildings: Villa Montevideu and Montevideu Gardens, by the sea, at the river Douro´s mouth in Oporto.

    The briefing was quite short, and focused on the idea that brands should be simple and similar, because the buildings were very close geographically, just in front of the sea line.

    The proposal that we first presented was strongly inspired on geometry and had a symmetry that would be related to perfectionism and the beauty of the buildings.

    This first mockup allowed us to be the chosen designers for this project, and from that on, we would work on developing and redesigning the two brands in order to make them more fluid, smooth and organic, inspired on the ocean waves, and the leaves and flowers from the gardens.

    The final proposal, blends the initials "V" from Villa and "J" from "jardins" (which stands for gardens) with these last mentioned elements from the ocean and the gardens, as an attempt to turn these brands more personal and maintain a certain coherence between the space where the buildings are, and their own identity.
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