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A YCN Student competition brief for Marks & Spencers
YCN Student Awards – M&S Brief
Kate Webber

I've always known Marks and Spencer's to be welcoming to all varieties of people, and their various tastes and needs. My concept illustrates this with a 'build your own box'. There are always aspects of a pre-made, mass-produced item that people don't like, and my idea is to offer choice.
Original Pattern for the design. Twee, fresh, summery.

I based my theme around working couples that want a romantic day out to take advantage of city parks and reconnect with nature and fresh air. Within the package, there is also a box to make the picnic more than just a meal.Featuring cute toys like 'the worlds smallest kite', and a Frisbee, as well as inflatable pillows for comfort. On top of this, there are also some fun extras like bubbles, a disposable camera and a sachet of sun cream (just in case the famous British weather stays away!). All of this provides the customer with everything needed for a day of twee, nostalgic fun. If this isn't to your tastes, the concept of individual boxes allows M&S to offer different varieties.
Very basic mock up of product.
Front of Box Design

Photos by Laura Milton
Front of Box
The designs on the back of the box also encourages the customer to share the products if they do not want to use them, ensuring nothing is wasted. The picnic also comes accompanied with a rug, which can be left in the store if unnecessary at a discounted price. This is in tune with the M&S Plan A program which is also apparent with the recyclable cardboard box designed to hold the picnic, which will ensure that we don't leave a mark. My designs include minimal packaging and labels, and shows off the cardboard to
illustrate that eco feel.
Within the box the customer can put a choice of 4 different meal options. These will be kept on the cold on the shelf and placed in as desired to build up a meal suitable to the customer.

Vegetarian, Meat or a blend of Meat and Vegetarian for those who can't decide! This caters to multiple different tastes and lifestyle choices, along with giving Marks and Spenser's the opportunity to expand and create special boxes for events. The menu offers something different than the obvious ham sandwiches, with exciting examples including: Gazpacho soup, Asparagus and Cheese Tarts, and a modern take on sausage rolls. Simply, it is a luxury picnic for two. This all comes together with a sweet treat: a trio of indulgent and refreshing deserts. Drinks include two 75ml bottles of wine (Rose & White) along with a box of water.
The original box, meal vegetarian box, water and plates box with an example of a rug underneath. 
Mock up of products inside the box - minimal packaging. 
Rug fits in the middle.

I believe my designs have captured the sweet, dainty and importantly, traditionally English picnic theme, and married it with M&S style, class and thoughtfulness - merging a recyclable product with the luxury that Marks and Spencerʼs customers want.