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Ads and other marketing campaigns I've designed over the years (ongoing).
Marketing Project, 2008 - 2010
This was an ad developed for Vector Horseshoe Nails and Farrier Product Distribution. It ran in the American Farriers Journal.
This was an ad developed for Bellota and Farrier Product Distribution. It was run in the American Farriers Journal.
A flyer and buckslip I designed for INFOCUS. I was given the copy and directed toward a concept. Client-approved and sent in November of 2009.
A postcard and buckslip designed as part of ASRT's minisite launch campaign. As an association dealing with radiology and medical imaging, the idea was to play off of the word "image" in "imagine" in a typographically creative way while still preserving the integrity of each word. The outline of the "E" could be seen as the bare-bones revealed by the X-ray. Approved by the client and mailed in February of 2010.
This was designed for INFOCUS Marketing, Inc. I was given the body text and asked to design a direct mail piece. I pulled ideas from the copy and carried them through the piece.
Designed for INFOCUS Marketing. Once again, I was given the text and from that developed the design.
Designed for INFOCUS Marketing and used in the local Piedmont Quarterly publication in Warrenton, VA.