Marina, o Tempero da Baiana

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  • Marina, o Tempero da Baiana
    Graphic Design, Branding & Copywritting
  • Marina, o Tempero da Baiana, was an experimental project for Baía cook ,stablished in Portugal, Marina, and her presence in a gastronomical fair.

    The main references for thisproject were the cultural inputs from Baía, like the spirituals, "Mães-de-santo",and colors of food, landscape, scents and local traditions.
    This was a project for AmazingIdeas, with Renata Silveira and Marcelo Andrade.
  • Business Card for Marina.
  • Template for Marina's cooking delights.
  • Print Flyer. Version 1. Both sided.
  • Print Flyer Version 2. Both sided.
  • Gastronomical Fair Stand layout.
  • Stand layout.
  • Marina's apron. Version dark and light.
  • Labels and package boxes for baked cookies.
  • Marina, o Tempero da Baiana Web promo. Song by Carmen Miranda, called "O que é que a Baiana tem?"