• Client: Image Comics | ADs: Tom & Liz Muller | Date: JUL 2008

    Short story published by Image Comics in Harvey and Eisner awards winner Comic Book Tattoo. Like all other stories on this huge anthology, Marianne was inspired by a song of American pianist, singer and amazing songwriter Tori Amos. And just like the song it's about the loss of someone dear. I didn't know that when Rantz Hoseley invited me to be part of the book. At the time I knew very few about Tori's work, having heard just a couple of her records played incessantly by PEOV at our studio. Marianne was chosen at first by its melody, but then I read more about it and everything started falling into place.

    I knew what I wanted to say but I didn't know how until Rantz showed me the size of the book. Enormous when closed, monumental when opened. So I decided to take my experiment with non-paneled stories to another level, I would make use of that vast spread page area to tell a story that could change the pace of reading, making it more reflective and introspective. Since it is too personal I avoid explaining the story, but everyone can reach their own conclusions because all elements are out there open and exposed to new connections and metaphors. Curiously by the time I was finishing the story, I went to the porch to rest and without noticing I placed my arm on a bee who instantly stung me. Feel alive - was the first thing that came to mind. The poor philosopher died right after it and I decided to keep its tiny body to remind me of this thought and all that this story means to me.

    Marianne was later published in illustration books and annuals like Communication Arts, Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09-10 and Illustrators 51th, also being exhibited in 2009 at the Museum of American Illustration, in New York. And I got the chance to meet Tori at Comic-Con!

    edit: for those who asked, you can purchase the book thru Amazon.