Margit Mellisa Klinder

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  • Margit Melissa Klinder (skin care)
    1000 years of experience
  • A redesign of the skincare product Melissa. Margit Melissa Klinder is family-based company producing mainly organic, nature based products in Denmark. 

    The problem I encountered in the branding of organic skincare products was that it's almost impossible to say that a product is 100% organic. On top of that it seemed that a lot of companies were already focusing their communication on the organic visual cliches (green, leaves etc.). I therefore created a visual universe for Margit Melissa Klinder's products that focused on the traditions of using only natural ingredients for skincare. The new visual identity was based on a simple, elegant logotype and a logo-like character inspired by the growth rings of trees and water ripples. 

    This was a school assignment at the Danish School of Media.
  • A customized logotype based on Sabon Bold. I added contrast as well as making small details which makes the logotype better suited for display.