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  • My business partner Laura and I have decided to create a textile print design studio called MarchTwentyTwo. Laura lives in Barcelona and I live in Melbourne. Both of us were born on that date. Also Laura has a twin brother living in Brazil, so we thought that the number 2 has a strong meaning for us: I feel a very strong connection with Barcelona and with Laura, at the same time that Laura is strongly connected with her twin brother.
    I wanted to created a brand that reflects our personality, energy and vibrancy. This is the process of work that I have followed:
    1) I started with Calligraphy writing the name down Marchtwentytwo. 2) I chose the one it worked better and I scanned the original. 3) I printed the scanned image scaled to an A4 and with tracing paper started to add weight. 4) I did 10 different weights from the original thin one to an extra bold version. 5) I chose the last one I worked by hand (number 10) and vectorised the shapes. 6) I reduced the logotype to a small size (5x5cm more or less) and I saw some legibility problems so I took off some weight. 7) I went back to my hand lettering steps and I chose another version (number 4) with less weight –more like a medium version–. 8) I scanned and vectorised the medium version as well. 9) I created a poster version of the logo (first slide) with a high contrast between thick and thins. 10) I created a small version of the logo for stationery purposes where the thin strokes have been thickened (forth slide).
  • Poster version of the logotype
  • Small Version for stationery purposes