Maptorian USA

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  • The Maptorian USA Maps pack has a lot of maps in vector format AI ( Adobe Illustrator ) on NAD83 projection.
    Each map has 22 separate thematic layers. The distribution of these layers is changeable, as are also all objects and texts of the maps. Thus, these maps can be used as templates to create final maps to the taste of each user, such as graphic designers, journalists or any person using vector graphics software.
  • In the pack you can find a complete map of the United States, plus a separate map for each state, and two additional maps, one of the District of Columbia and one of Puerto Rico. Overall, in this pack of vector maps there are all files to create thematic maps of the United States. Being vector files, they can be modified to a desired size without loss of resolution, valid for use in web, print, apps or any other medium.