Manolopoulos Parquet Branding

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  • After 46 years in the field of parquet floors my father and I decided to brand the company. It's a self initiated project and it's always in progress. 

    Hope with your comments become better and if you like it, just press the "Appreciate" button. 

    Font PF Futura Neu by Parachute®

  • Logo centred in b/w
  • Logo centred b/w - negative
  • Logo centred - two colour
  • Logo aligned left - b/w
  • Logo aligned left - b/w - negative
  • Logo aligned left - two colours
  • Business cards. Two sided. 
    In front side we use taglines from work.
    In English as they appear: 
    "We nail it"
    "We sand it"
    "We polish it" 
  • Letterhead front and back side
  • Envelope DL 
    Tag line : Attention sticks! 
  • Envelope A4 size 
    Tagline: Attention sticks
  • Invoice sheet
  • Offers sheet
  • Notebook A4 size
    On the left says: "We measured you"
  • Website 
  • T-shirt series 
    "We nail it"

  • T-shirt series 
    "We sand it"

  • T-shirt series 
    "We polish it"
  • T-shirt series - back view