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Brief - To produce a manifesto about our aims, objectives and values within graphic design.
'When I grow up I want to be young'
This was my first project of my third year, the brief was to produce a manifesto about our aims, objectives and values within graphic design.

The main message behind my graphic design manifesto is about preserving my love for printed design, and how I like to expirement with combining traditional and digital methods. The postcards that made using a silk- screen technique will be used as a self-promotional tool. Each postcard portrays a different statement from my manifesto, with a relevant section from my manifesto on the other side.

Here is my written manifesto:

My outlook on graphic design stems from a love for combining analogue and digital practices, the contrast of these two fields in design inspires my work. I am intrigued by technology and it’s future capabilities as a platform for design. However, this manifesto sets out to remind myself not to lose sight of my love for art, creativity and print, so that as I move forward I will not forget my past.

As I progress into the world of professional design, it is important for me to preserve my passion for printed design. The development in digital technology is threatening the life span of print, for my own self-satisfaction it is my aim to conserve the art of printed media. By continuing to explore and experiment with juxtaposing traditional and digital methods.

The reason I became interested in graphic design was because of it’s endless avenues, everything man-made in the world is designed at one stage or another, the creative process is applicable to almost anything. The attraction of being a significant contributor to the world made me gravitate towards design, in order to steer away from becoming a monotonous drone performing mundane tasks day in day out.

Here are the main ideologies of my manifesto;

• Be inspired by the past. 
• Hold on to your youth. 
• The creative process is everywhere. 
• Remember why you design. 
• Print will never be replaced. 
• Preserve your enthusiasm for design.

This is not a manifesto to give advice, this is a personal statement of intent that highlights my ambitions for the future, most significantly not to forget about what excites and inspires me now as a young designer as I grow and mature into a career. So that when I reflect upon my manifesto in the future, I can say that I am still as enthusiastic about design as I am now.