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Visual identity for Månefestivalen 2010. Fredrikstad, Norway
Månefestivalen 2010
A playful identity based on elements you will find in a typical music festival. We made four different posters: One with different instruments and music gear. Another with shoes (in this case Converse All Stars). The third we made with necessary stuff and crap you've got in your bag and pockets. Last but not least food (in this case ecological fruit and vegetalbles). 
We also took inspiration from the location of the festival, the oldest part of town in Fredrikstad, Norway. Really nice old brick and wooden houses, paving stone in the streets and so on. There were lots of old signs and decorations made in iron, so we made the logo and typeface based on the gothic typeface, Proclamate, to meet that. The logo is made based on that same idea, and is a symbol of an M with the moon around it.