Management Dashboard

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  • A detailed, step-by-step account of this process can be viewed on my design research blog, Eye of the Neiger.
  • Above: Tasked with creating a management dashboard for the milti-billion dollar Australian corporation, CHEP, we got right to work analyzing the company's structure, from company culture to service offerings.
  • Above: After consulting with a representative from the company and performing an exhaustive analysis of CHEP, we were able to generate eight critical success factors, which we would use to help us discover appropriate measurement to include in our dashboard. 
  • Above is a list of the measurements the group beleived best indicated the company's critical success factors, from Key Result Indicators (measured yearly), to Key Performance Indicators (measured hourly, daily, weekly), to Service Recovery Indicators (measured sporadically).
  • Above: Having generated the content and necessary measurements for our dashboard, we set out wireframing and creating paper prototypes of the dashboard. After receiving feedback, we set created our final prototypes, which can be seen above.