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Sustainable Cotton Campaign - Better Cotton
Better Cotton
Sustainable Cotton Alternative
The way of growing cotton is not sustainable. Cotton is known as one of the thirstiest crop in the world, it is best grown in dessert-like climate where water is scarce. And also known as the world dirtiest crop due to its heavy use of pesticide, insecticide and fertilizers. The impact on environment and biodiversity is remarkable. From water problem: scarcity, drought, polluted and toxic water to chemical problem: extinction and mass die-off for animals, respiratory and cancer causing for human.
Meanwhile, only a few know about these. Most of us buy clothes without even care what kind of material their clothes are made of, let alone the true cost behind it. With fast fashion cheap clothing trend are still in demand, there must be a better alternative than 100% cotton.
Introducing: Better Cotton.
Better Cotton is a more sustainable standard system of growing cotton. Better Cotton is a product. But more importantly, Better Cotton is a movement of continuously improving the environment and the people living in it.
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