Mama Was A Dancer (short version)

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  • mama was a dancer.
    short version.

    My only regret when I decided to stop dancing was that my son was going to be too young to remember me as one. He was going to forget the theatre and the things he had experienced as a baby. He used to fall asleep to the music so I could take class, he would waddle in and out of the wings, and he always freaked out at the sight of me in weird and wonderful costumes!
    Hendrik (my partner) was following a directors course at the time and contacted camera genius and ex-collegue of mine Altin Kaftira.
    Together we decided to capture my last month as a well as following me around on the night of my last performance. Very embarrassing I might add.
    The material we have is endless and the final edit is hours/weeks/months from completion. But this is a short version...of me....for Finn ;-)