Mall of the Emirates Fountain, Dubai

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  • The Mall of The Emirates
    The crown jewel of my fountain designs.
  • Photos courtesy of Jackie Jagger.

    This project, located in the fashion dome of the Mall of The Emirates, Dubai, was a cooperative effort by a number of companies. The fountain was designed by me, at House of Stone, Inc. for F&A architects, who was in essence a middle man for prominent middle eastern developer EMAAR. EMAAR purchased the plans and specs from us, the actual fabrication handled in China.
  • The only real directive I had in this design was that the fountain could not include human figures, so I took this as an opportunity to use one of my favorite mythological creatures. The under used, under rated, Hippocamp. They acted as the personal steeds of Poseidon, having the hindquarters of a fish, and the forequarters of a horse.
  • The fountain finial.