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A set of philatelic product for Pos Malaysia in celebration of Malaysia 55th Independence.

Malaysia 55th Independence Day
Merdeka 55th Commemorative Stamps. The objective of this project is to promote Malaysia 55th independence day celebration by focusing on Pos Malaysia commemorative stamps design. Consist of Merdeka 55th logo, four pieces of stamps, first day cover, miniature sheet, folder and poster.

The concept of this set is Unity. As Malaysia is a country with multiculture, I want to emphasize the unity of the people with different background in this 55th of Malaysia Independence Day. The style used in this set is doodle and it is targeted to children. As children is the growing generation, I want to plant the concept of unity from this early age. By using the stripes seen on envelope, I intent to make this set to educate the children about the usage of stamps.
Stamps. This set of stamps directly show the concept of unity in Malaysia by using the 3 color found in Malaysia's flag.
Stamp 1. Boys from 3 different main races found in Malaysia. Indian, Chinese and Malay.
Stamp 2. Girls from 3 different main races found in Malaysia. Chinese, Malay and Indian.
Stamp 3. Silhouette of kids holding hands in the land of Malaysia.
Stamp 4. 14 pointed star found in Malaysia's flag.
First Day Cover.
Miniature Sheet.
Folder Outer Look.
Folder Inside Look.