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  • MalaF Granaína

    MalaF Granaína’ is the name of a twitter account (@mfgranaina) dedicated to
    the culture and the peculiar topics of Granada. With this twitter's profile,
    it expect to tell ordinary facts of the life in this spanish city. This organization asked
    me to perform the design of their website:

    My project consist of a series of six illustrations painted with watercolors and ink which symbolize some of the most famous topics of Granada:

    The Alhambra
    A 'Alhambra 1925' beer with a ‘tapa’*
    A typical city bus
    A gypsy with a sprig of rosemary
    The logo of the organization of ‘MalaF Granaína’

    * Appetizer served in most of bars or restaurants to accompany the drink, whether alcoholic or not.

    Illustration of the website

  • Alhambra
    'Alhambra1925' beer with a ‘tapa’
    Typical city bus
    Gypsy with a sprig of rosemary 
    Logo of the organization of ‘MalaF Granaína’
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