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Creating a photo montage for the first birthday of my twins
For their coming first birthday, I decided to work on a photo montage of sorts, that would best capture the essence of their celebration. Rather than just work on the mere collation and arrangement of photos, what I decided to do is to work on deepening the symbolisms and meaning out of all these photos, and their final visual form.

The following set of photos are the intermediate works that were produced leading on to the final version.
Using the Print function in LightRoom, I decided to work on picking out the best pictures that would best tell their story, It took a long while to select the final pictures, as each of them has a story to tell. About 20% of the pictures were finally selected, the rest rejected due to one reason or another.
Version 1 above basically was just a dry run to look at the feasibility of having a collation of photos done in LR. The results were satisfactory for an initial idea, but nonetheless, more could be done to push the creative and visual elements of the project further.
Version 2 above was produced as a result of looking at the various symbolisms that I would want to incorporate in into the final montage piece. Selecting 36 pieces of photos, 12 of each of them, and another 12 of them captured together, is the first of many hidden details that I wanted to incorporate into the design. Etching out the symbol "1" from the negative space of the rearranged photos was also intentional, as well as the choice of each photo, and the use of an extended space angling away from the "1" symbol. Rule of thirds was also intentionally used for greater visual impact.
Version 2A (With captions): A short caption to capture the essence of the montage was added in Photoshop, since it could not be done in LR. Short and straighforward, but the choice of the symbol '+' rather than the word 'and' or the use of the ampersand (&) symbol was also intentional, as it brought a deeper meaning in its interchangeability. Eliza was placed first before Eshal too, due to the Asian practice of giving respect to the older one first. The id:graphy logo was placed inconspicuously at the end-tail of the seriffed symbol "1".
Version 3: More work was done to accentuate the symbol "1", through adding a duality element into both the width and the thickness of the negatively spaced "1". The dual measurements indicate the unique differentiated nature of twins, although they do and come from the same point of origin. The choice of a physical difference is applicable to metaphorical contexts here too, as the use of a physical visual element is better represented in that limited amount of space that I have to work in.
Final version, v3A (with captions): The final montage that was created in about 10 hours worth of work over a weekend. The small patch of white space left at just off-centre, is a means to get viewers to wonder about possibilities, of what comes may. That little empty space is probably akin to the little rabbit hole that Alice goes in into as she was chasing the rabbin with the coat, or perhaps the wardrobe in Narnia where the children goes into, or at a more universal level, that space is that 'doors' of choices reflects the possibilities and choices that we have to make and 'enter' once in a while, in our lives, as we revel in life itself.