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The designs for the mascots for a pharmaceutical product.
Making Heroes
Character Design
A friends design studio had been working for a huge pharmaceutical company for one their lines for some time and at some point they were struggling with the creation of a mascot they were planning using on some of the promotional material. Even with a very tight budget over their heads they contacted me to give them a hand in the conceptualization and to help them developing a character suitable for representing the product.

Since I was working with friends and the budget was really low we had to negotiate how big it was going to be my part in the process, so after some thought we got to an agreement. My assignment was easy, came up with a mascot suitable for the product and create enough material for them to work from it, which means the standard three face body looks and four behavior illustrations, skipping the coloring (they decided it was best if they colored it so it could be cheaper).

With that and the brief of the product I started to work, researching and creating the profile of the character, all my process led me to this sketch:
Yes, two characters instead of one, it seemed more suitable with the characteristics of the product, an antibiotic with a dual "smart" compound developed for children, basically if there is something wrong with your kids caused by bacteria this is the baby you need to use because it's strong, fast, smart and gentle all in the same time. Two characters seemed perfect.

A couple of heroes traveling inside the human space having adventures, fighting the evil army of bacteria that tries to destroy the harmony of the body. As you can see my mind was already going places with that so I decided to go forward with them.

Also, for me the couple idea resonated with parents too, a couple of cool dads having adventures saving the children, a mom and a dad that children would like a lot.
With that I molded the personal characteristics of each one and use facial and fashion characteristics that for me reenforced their personalities: Her a strong and secure woman capable of confronting anything but still feminine, cocky , wise and motherly. Him a powerful and fearless guy with a heart of gold, lots of charm, sense of humor and really smart.
The pharmaceutical company and the design studio liked the idea and the sketch, so with that I moved on with the rest of my commission, leaving my new friends in the hands of others hoping for them to be treated well.
With that my work was done, but before I moved on to the next project and just because, I made a special colored version of them in a way that they would never be colored just for myself.
I'll remember them like this from now on.