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Advertising for the forthcoming Makies iPad game.
Client: MakieLab
Date: July 2013
"How do we advertise a game with no name?". This was the difficult question I set myself when we looked into advertising the forthcoming Makies iPAD game in Selfridges Oxford street. Scheduled for release at the tail of end of 2013, we wanted to tell everybody we were working on something, but without confirming anything. Working with the games Art team, several things were definitely going to remain - the characters and the game environment. With a concept environment and the physical characters confirmed, the art team began generating renders. I liked the idea of doing something minimal and combining it with the character traits the product team had been working on. Although the game was yet to be named or branded, the descriptions gave a few clues as to what the game may entail and when to look out for it.
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