Magnetic Shower—Special Group Of Caring

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  • Project:Magetic Shower
    Award:reddot design award (design concept),best of the best 2013
    designer:JIN xiaoneng/Qi weijia/Yao anqi/CHI kuai
    The Magnetic Shower has a moveable showerhead that will be especially beneficial for these who suffer from lumbar spondylosis and arthritis.
    Magnetic Shower has been designed to offer the ultimate experience of showering pleasure. ItsMagnetic Showerhead and metallic panel allow the user to move the showerhead up and down to the appropriate height, and also tilt it in order to change the direction of the water flow (down or up). A hands-free shower experience can be enjoyed.Magnetic Shower also magnetises the water, which is said to reduce the effects of hard water. Magnetic Shower was shaped to bring splendour to the bathroom.
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