"Magie Maestro!"

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  • "Magie Maestro!"
  • Magie Maestro is an animated film to explain to children from 6 to 10 years old how a symphonic orchestra is working and what are the different instruments which compose it.
    Martin, a rock'n'roll conductor is presenting his orchestra and will use his wand to explain the abstract musical notions with his magic.

    Client: The French National Orchestra
    Scenario, direction and artistic direction: Clémence Floris and Elsa Longueville
    Animation: Clémence Floris, Elsa Longueville, Maïté Rémy, Jérèmy Tosseghini Yam Saïki and me.
    Sound design, montage: Clémence Floris and Jérèmy Tosseghini.Characters design: Elsa LonguevilleSet design: me