Magical Surrealism: Bartenura Advertising Illustrations

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    Commissioned by Ptex Group to illustrate a series of illustrations for Bartenura. Bartenura wines are sourced from all over Italy's greatest wine producing regions. The advertising campaign aims to portray a magical and surreal atmosphere.
    Creative direction: Sam Schlesinger 
    Concept & illustration: Tang Yau Hoong
    Agency: Ptex Group 
    Client: Bartenura 
    Year: 2012/2013
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  • Sparkling Moscato- Cityscape
  • Moscato Regular- Cityscape
  • Moscato Regular- Cityscape( Landscape)
  • Moscato Rose- Dock
  • Sparkling Moscato- Dock( Night version)
  • Moscato Regular- Rose( Valentine's Day)
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