Magic Emotion Eyewear

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  • It was my entry for last year 's OPUS eyewear design competition. 

    Today, we love Facebook, Twitter and tweet all the time. But I found that when they were back into real life, many people have trouble in communicating with others and can't express their emotion well. (ME as example!!!)

    So I wished to design a fun eyewear that could enhance the performance of emotion. 
    Magic Emotion is a glasses that combined with animation & internet facemarks.

  • There is a new LED material called lightform that could be used on the glasses.

    But the problem is how does the eyewear know your emotion. 
    I imaged a kind of micro detector. It could detect your expression, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. to know your emotion.

    I believe this detector will appear in the near future, but not in the recent 3 or 5 years. 

  • Let's look closer :>