• Client: Blastronaut (Band)
    When I met with the three badasses of Toronto's Sci-fi inspired math rock band Blastronaut about drawing something for their new line of merchandise, I was faced with a bit of a challenge. Almost every one of their songs is named after some portion of high science fiction. A genre that aesthetically, has either repeated over and over the once unique vision of an art hero, or bordered on full out cheese. With almost free reign over the image under the guidance of words like "otherworldly", "Architectural", "Playful" and "Don'tgiveaF***", I was faced with what seemed like too many options.

    The only real request was for tentacles...which I agreed with immediately. A band shirt is nothing without tentacles.

    Thus, she was born, the nameless creature, an inter-dimensional magpie.

    Pen on Board, 12x30"