Journal ÕU № 6–2012

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  • Journal ÕU is about landscape architecture and public space. This number talks about technical side of landscape architecture. (õu means outdoor or courtyard or outside in Estonian language.)
    To keep printing costs low we used uncoated paper and only one colour for most of the magazine. Every number is in different colour. Just one printing sheet is used for colourphotos. For cover there is a folded poster which carries maps of two Estonian towns on top of each other – Tallinn and Tartu – capital and the old university town. Quite many people feel that these two united would be a perfect town. One cannot live without the other although 200 km separate them.
    This project will be on exhibition in Brussels from 24th of April to 25th of May 2014 – Estonian design review exhibition “Size doesn’t matter”.
    Chief editor Merle Karro-Kalberg
    Board Karin Bachmann, Anna-Liisa Unt, Evelin Reimand, Ave Kongo and Martin Allik
    Printed at Tallinn Book Printers
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