Magazine Design & Layout

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    Magazine layout, editorial design and commissioning
    Years of working in publishing has given me the opportunity to design for some very different types of magazines. From global newsstand magazine Men's Fitness, Axa's in-house publication Investor Preofessional to niche magazine Chemistry & Industry. Now designing the layout of the UK's No.1 Golf paper: golf news. It is always a pleasure working with an editorial team that is passionate about the content and beating that ever present deadline.
    There is a lot more where this came from, so get in contact if you would like to see other layouts.
    Gudrun / YOTE Design 
  • DESIGN & LAYOUT / Golf News
    Adverts and Editorial design. See more at
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN / Australian Men's Fitness

    Layout, Editorial Design, Picture Research
  • ART DIRECTION / Investor Professional

    The in-house magazine of Insurance Group AXA was designed to reflect the ethos of the company.

    Art direction, Design & Layout
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN / BMW Magazine Australia

    Design & Layout
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN / Various

    Editorial Design, Picture Research, Illustration, Organising Photoshoots, Print Pre-press