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    T-Shirt Design based on a current news article voted by Facebook followers
  • Made in the Now is an online t-shirt studio based in Brisbane Australia that work with a selection of designers worldwide to produce fresh and current designs based around a news story from the day. The designer is allocated the story from a poll of four stories on the Made in the Now facebook page. The Designer then just has 3.5 hours to complete the T-Shirt design from start to finish and supply the final files for print. The T-shirt is then sold for just a 24 hour period, to ensure that the designs remain fresh and dynamic.

    I was lucky enough to be selected to complete a design on behalf of the studio and I was allocated the story of the death of the Porsche 911 designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche at the age of 76. I decided that rather than dwell on the sadness of his death I would focus on the legacy that he had left behind in the form of the many generations of Porsche 911 derived from his classic 1960s car design. I chose to show this through an evolution timeline showing the development of the 911's design with the simple strapline 'the legend lives on'. Below is my t-shirt design completed in just 3.5 hours (and at 4.45am due to the difference in time zones!) I hope this represents a worthy testament to his life and work.
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