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Identity & Branding Campaign for the Miami Art Dealers' Association.
Identity & Branding Campaign for the Miami Art Dealers' Association
The Miami Art Dealers' Association (MADA) is a non-profit organization founded in Florida in order to promote the professional standards of art dealers and to develop awareness of the visual arts to local and international communities. I was approached by their founders to present a proposal for the organization's brand identity, and the result was a rather unexpected one.

The typical Miami style is Art Deco-inspired and geometric, and unsurprisingly over-used by the city's art galleries. Therefore, I decided to take the logotype in the direction of "timelessness" and almost a sense of neutrality. The branding campaign followed the concept of the malleability and subjectivity involved when appreciating art, and was embodied in the slogan, "Art is what we make it to be." This, of course, hints directly at the idea of the community, and it's direct interactivity with the Miami art scene.