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  • MacroMTY is a system of kiosks, seats and phone booths that attend to basic needs such as rest and shelter from the sun, while working with new technologies such as mobile devices. Monterrey's Macroplaza is a hub in the cities downtown; important government, cultural and commerce buildings surround it, while main bus and subway lines also meet there. With a 30-year history, this public space has lost vitality and relevance for the people that walk through it everyday.
    Our kiosk and booth create a space of rest where people can charge their devices, connect to wi-fi and even video chat, while also encouraging face-to-face interaction. The Green-roofs have vegetation, making them cool even in Monterrey's hot summers. MacroMTY is powered by solar panels and use concrete combined with steel painted in the colorful pallet of the nearby buildings by Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta.
    This project was part of Codigo Magazine's design special where 8 design and architecture studios proposed an urban project for their cities.