Mackinac Pro Font Family

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  • P22 Mackinac Pro by Mike Beens
  • P22 Mackinac Pro spans four centuries of type design, bridging the Old World with the New. This family of four weights and corresponding italics is of old style construction, with a diagonal weight stress. Contrast between thick & thin is modest and proportioned the same for all fonts. The tall x-height recommends itself to a wide variety of text and display uses; including advertising, publishing, signage and packaging.
    P22 Mackinac Pro (pronounced Mackinaw) is a general-purpose, utilitarian design incorporating an abundance of OpenType features: small caps, ligatures, ordinals, numerous figure options plus a few bonus goodies. Mackinac supports 56 languages using extended Latin character sets.
  • Sketches of the Mackinac font family in progress
  • Ink Drawings of Mackinac italic 'g' characters
  • 32 Page Specimen chapbook available via merchandise section