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Conceptual study of the Macbook Pro with 43% reduction in size.
Macbook Pro Concept
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It seems Apple is going to release a fresh Macbook Pro design this year. There are too many rumors going on so I decided to create my own concept.
Let's start with the problems with the current Macbook Pro version:

Focusing on the 20% of features that do 80% of our work I would remove the CD drive, Firewire and Ethernet ports and include another USB port.

Keeping that philosophy in mind, there are 2 things that could redefine the current design: screen border and body thickness.
By making an almost borderless screen it’s possible to reduce 15% of the area. Add this to a thinner body and there is a reduction of 43% in the volume of the product.

I tried to keep the overall design as simple as possible. I increased the fillet radius on the edges, changed the ports and the trackpad. I think this is a plausible concept with the current technology.
Maybe I will make a more futuristic concept later, like a 2020 Macbook Pro.
And here are some quick renders to get a better idea of the model.

Note: This is just a conceptual study on the product. Macbook Pro and related trademarks belong to Apple.