MY SEA - A Small Paper-cut Book

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  • <MY SEA>

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    This work had achieved the Overall Winner of Moleskine myDetour 2010.
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  • <MY SEA>
  • 1. I was born on the coldest day of winter. In Chinese we call that day da xue.
  • 2. In my hometown there was only a small river, but I had a sea in my mind.
    3. I love fish and shells. I made stories for them.
  • 4. I began drawing at 3. Then I drew more and more ...
    5. I believe that I could see some lights coming from somewhere far away.
  • 6. Later, an accordion was added to my life.
    7. I began to love all kinds of sound.
  • 8. I got No.1 in every subject at school, but always felt lonely at spare time.
    9. No travel. No pin money. No Children's day...
  • 10. I was swimming in the sea of my own.
    11. My family moved to another city, for the first time I saw the sea there.
  • 12. It was beautiful, but not as large as the one in my mind.
    13. I grew up quietly, and soon forgot about those lights...
  • 14. I went to college, with a dream of becoming an architect or a scholar.
    15. But sometimes I found myself getting lost in those books...
  • 16. What do people want eventually?
    17. Where is my sea? Where are my ships and sailors...
  • 18. I went to many places and made many friends, looking for the answer.
    19. In a desert I saw the farthest sea and brightest stars.
  • 20. All of which gave me strength again.
    21. I picked up my pen again.
  • 22. Now I'm living in a city called Nanjing.
    23. Here I had been... needed, trusted, loved, cheated, and...hurt.
  • 24. Sometimes I felt like that I was abandoned by this world.
    25. But I still have many stars above my head, and countless true friends around my life.
  • 26. I still have my sea deep inside my heart.
    27. Then I realized that life is a real journey.
  • 28. Just like diving down to my childhood...
    29. With all the lights out, there is still a voice calling me on.
  • 30. Now I am 25. I'm still on my way to the sea.
    31. It's further and deeper.
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