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  • Manuel Ventura ArchitectCorporate Identity, Branding & Signage
  • "MVA" stands for "Manuel Ventura Architects", which is an architecture atelier based in Oporto, Portugal.
    In order to redesign the atelier identity, we took into account that we needed an identity that would differentiate it from the competition, while still identifying it inside its market. Thus, we proposed the design of a new brand, that could be young, fresh and irreverent, without losing the essence of the structure, the beauty of the shape, and the minimalism which we automatically relate to the field of Architecture. In order to create this, we started to play around the initials of the atelier, shaping them into basic elements in the form of a "v". 
    The final logotype is the combination of this symbol with the name of the brand, but there will be specific situations where the use of the symbol alone, can be justified. It is a very simple and straightforward approach, and uses logical thinking as a form of creativity. 
    We also created a new iconography from the combination of the basic elements of the official logotype, to be used as the decoration of the stationery and space, reinforcing the identity of the atelier.

  • Official logo > Horizontal version & Grid
  • Logo process explanation (simplified)
  • Logo Deconstruction into a specific iconography
  • Official Stationery
  • Letterhead Design Examples
  • Envelope Design Examples
  • Examples of how the icons can blend together and create a new pattern from one single close-up of each icon
  • it´s a combination of different icons to create a new shape, which can be used as ornamentation while still identifying the atelier´s official identity. We call it metamorphs.
  • Signage Design
  • The new logotype we´ve created for the architecture atelier Manuel Ventura Architects was the main inspiration to create the signage and the decoration of the atelier.
    We also got inspired by the big white walls and rooms inside the atelier, and that brought the idea of drawing a black line, which would fill up and give volume to those white spaces, with important information about Manuel Ventura´s academic path and professional career as an architect. 
    In addition to this element, and based on the original elements of the main logotype, we created a kind of tribal iconography that can be used as decoration while still identifying the atelier´s brand, and we came up with a signage to guide people inside the atelier, using those basic elements to point directions or mark specific spots, and also as signs for cabinets to identify the order of the projects inside.

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