MUSE | Preproduction Design

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  • Brief
    Title: MUSE: A journey of losing and regaining creativity
    Project Duration: 4 months
    Aim: To produce a series of sequential illustrations that abstractly depicts the break down and revival of a creative process. Further aims were to create a unique layout, innovative pages and text designed to make the reader 'look' for the Muse.

    Method: Highly in-depth research and pre-production design was heavily undertaken in order to produce high quality imagery that emerged as a unique hand made book.

  • Research: Relevant Artists, Graphic Novels, abstratc sequential imagery, illustrations, graphic design, expressionistic paintings and graffiti.
    "To Draw, You Must First Close Your Eyes And Sing" - Pablo Picasso
  • Concept Work: Wide variety of media explored (19 different types of media used), mulitple ideas and development, in-depth design and experimentation with text and layout.
  • Production of imagery
    "Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends"Marc Chagall
    Pages (Double Spreads): Starting with the break down of creativity
  • Final Book 'End Papers'
    "Art Is Not A Thing, It Is A Way" - Elbert Hubbard
  • Final Piece: Hand made book 
  • Progression of creativity
    "A Piece Of Art Is Never A Finished Work. It Answers A Question, Which Has Been Asked And Asks A New Question" - Robert Engman
  • 3D Installation Piece
  • Exhibition of work
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