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Poster design for awesome gigs in Trieste
My work for MURMUR events
 poster design
MURMUR is an association whose aim is to promote musicians from the worldwide with musical events taking place in Trieste, city in the deep North-East of Italy. They bring young and amazing bands, doing a pretty unique job in town! I've been working with them for the last year as designer, taking care of every aspect of their image. I create their logo and all the posters and flyers for the gigs.

Every poster is out-standing, the constant in every design is the MURMUR 
lettering. As my personal feature I use my own hands and many techniques from painting to photography and paper cut, completing with Photoshop for composing issues, some text  and colour set-up for printing.
Here some designs and work-in-progress photos I did for MURMUR.

Lombroso - working on the original (10X15cm , acrylic, white pen)
                                     Alessandro Fiori
                  Alessandro Fiori - working on the original (scratched paint on bottle)
                                     A-side. The death of Anna Karina live. (paper cut, red ink, transfer lettering)
                                   B-side. After concert Dj set  (paper cut, blue pen, red pencil)
                                      Anna Karina - shooting the original artwork
                 Fine Before You Came + Gazebo Penguins
                                      This Town Need Guns 
                                   This Town Need Guns - working on the original (ink and pencil)