MURMUR: poster design

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     poster design
  • MURMUR is an association whose aim is to promote musicians from the worldwide with musical events taking place in Trieste, city in the deep North-East of Italy. They bring young and amazing bands, doing a pretty unique job in town! I've been working with them for the last year as designer, taking care of every aspect of their image. I create their logo and all the posters and flyers for the gigs.

    Every poster is out-standing, the constant in every design is the MURMUR 
    lettering. As my personal feature I use my own hands and many techniques from painting to photography and paper cut, completing with Photoshop for composing issues, some text  and colour set-up for printing.
    Here some designs and work-in-progress photos I did for MURMUR.

  •                                      Lombroso
  • Lombroso - working on the original (10X15cm , acrylic, white pen)
  •                                      Alessandro Fiori
  •                   Alessandro Fiori - working on the original (scratched paint on bottle)
  •                                      A-side. The death of Anna Karina live. (paper cut, red ink, transfer lettering)
  •                                    B-side. After concert Dj set  (paper cut, blue pen, red pencil)
  •                                       Anna Karina - shooting the original artwork
  •                  Fine Before You Came + Gazebo Penguins
  •                                       This Town Need Guns 
  •                                    This Town Need Guns - working on the original (ink and pencil)
  • Jazzsteppa