MU Quad Logo

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  • Client:
    Michael Uselmann 
    • Design a logo/brand identity for a music director.
    • Design should be a combination of both type and image.
    • The logo should be a sleek, sophisticated and confident mark.
    • Preferably no cliches used (music notes, piano keys, etc.) unless they can
    be tastefully and professionally done.
    • Looking for an overall clean and contemporary look and feel.
    • Logo must work on a small scale for potential letterhead and business
    card purposes.
    • Artistic, organic and hand drawn feel
    • Logo should be clean and warm.
    • Graphic/logo should conduct a pattern.
    The graphic shape is based off of a musical graph that depicts a conductors range of 4 hand motions.
    view graph here
    ** Extra Promo **
    For fun, I also created a little animation sequence compiled of the logo and patterns. 
  • MU Quad Logo (full color)
  • MU Quad Logo (one color)
  • Three different patterns were created for this identity
  • Pattern A: Potentially used in envelopes
  • Pattern B: Potentially used in envelopes
  • Pattern C: Potentially used in envelopes