• CGI / matte painting: FISK-imaging - Amsterdam
    client: Postpanic - Amsterdam
  • FISK-imaging's Wieger Poutsma created mattepantings to be part of  the  8 MTV Rocks idents in collaboration with PostPanic These Idents are the brainchild of director Mischa Rozema and will be used as a theme for the channel. The initial brief  was to encapsulate the mood and emotion associated with alternative music and create a series of idents to serve the MTV Rocks branding established by the MTV World Design Studio (Milano). Rozema developed a central theme of an on-going film that the viewer drops in and out of, and wrote a set of scripts based in an imaginary landscape populated with surreal characters and situations. Shot on location in Northern Spain,
    FISK-imaging was responsible for the matte paintings that are part of the "Loop-the loop"-, "Deployment"- and "Hallway" idents.
  • Concept sketch / Storyboard by Mischa Rozema, PostPanic
  • Raw footage of shot
  • Wireframe of the CG loop
  • CG model of the loop with textures and weathering
  • Final plate
  • Lighting test of CG model of the backpack in different light settings. Design, modelling and texturing by PostPanic
  • Concept sketch / Storyboard by Mischa Rozema, PostPanic
  • Raw footage of shot
  • Final plate
Production Company: PostPanic
    Director: Mischa Rozema
    Executive Producers: Ania Markham, Jules Tervoort
    Producer: Annejes van Liempd
    DOP: Steve Walker
    Styling: Charissa Bos
    Location: Hotel Aire de Bardenas (Spain)
    Animal Handler: Zooko Producciones (Spain)
    Model: Miro Klasinc
    Post-Production: PostPanic
    Editor: Mischa Rozema
    CG Supervisor: Ivor Goldberg
    VFX Supervisor: Chris Staves
    Matte Painter: Wieger Poutsma 
    3D Artists: Manuel Ferrari, Jeroen Aerts, Onno van Braam, Matthijs Joor, Dimitar Kralev, Jurriën Boogert
    2D Artists: Miro Klasinc, Jord Veerman, Erwin van den IJssel
    Compositing: Chris Staves, Ivor Goldberg
    Music & Sounddesign: MassiveMusic Amsterdam  (Guy Amitai, Fred Kienhuis and Lodewijk Pöttker)

    (For MTV World Design Studio - Milano)
    VP Creative Director MTV International: Roberto Bagatti
    Art Director: Dylan Griffith, Carlos Carrasco